About Us


Terry and Tess are both chefs, and have been in the industry for a very long time. Terry grew up in South Wigston, did his chef training at the Grand hotel in Leicester, moved to London for a few years before circumnavigating the planet working in hotels along the way, only to return to Blighty 6 years later! He worked in various venues in and around London, but it was as Head Chef at Hampton Court Palace where he met the Zimbabwean Pastry Chef, Tess. He went on to run the busy kitchens at Kew Gardens, before rising to the role of Culinary Director in the (very dull) world of corporate hospitality. It wasn’t until he started his own business, that he realised he actually hated cooking! We’re pleased to say Terry has finally found his vocation in life, front and centre, and it only took him half a century!  

Tess is a born and bred Zimbabwean, and did her Chef training at Silwood Kitchens in Cape Town, South Africa before moving over the England with her family. She’s worked in Hotels, Restaurants and visitor attractions honing her pastry skills. More recently, Tess worked for Fiona Cairns (the Royal Cake Maker) in Fleckney, and it was here she realised she had to fulfil her lifelong dream of running her own foodie venue. So she quit her job, and the rest fell into place! We opened our doors in May 2019, and with loads of hard work, tears and tantrums (and not forgetting a year of lockdown restrictions) we’ve moulded our little business into something we’re really proud of.

 As unashamed food snobs we are always developing dishes and keep well abreast of current food trends while also setting a few ourselves. Seasonality is paramount to ensure the best ingredients, we are also passionate about supporting local businesses and we hope that you are too! Where possible we source our ingredients locally, and we really mean it.

We are very proud to use St Martins Coffee (9.9 miles). St Martin's were the first specialty coffee roasters to open in Leicester dedicated to sourcing coffees of the highest quality from producers globally, who treat their environment and people with respect and fairness.  They look for coffees with character, and roast in small batches to control the development of the coffee during the process enabling the true flavour profile of the coffee to be enjoyed.

We use the Butcher next door for all of our meaty needs, so if you love the sausages go and grab a few from Russell Smith on your way out.

Our free range eggs come fresh from the farm in Kimcote (9 miles) delivered weekly by the lovely Karen.

The bread we use is from Milners Bakery and is freshly baked daily in Blaby (1.6 miles) and hand delivered by Tammy.

The organic stoneground flour we use in our cakes and bakes is from Claybrooke Mill in Claybrooke Magna (4.9 miles). It’s a historic watermill that grinds flour on French Burr Millstones driven by water power, and there is evidence that the mill site may date back more than 1,000 years!

Our fresh pasteurised milk comes from the happy herd of pedigree Jersey cows at Fulmore Farms right here in Cosby (1.8 miles). It makes a beautiful smooth cup of coffee, and a marvellous milkshake!

The beautiful flowers dotted about the place are supplied from By The Brook Flowers (5 miles).  They’re a small start-up with big ambitions who aim to source all of their flowers and foliage from as locally as possible, with the vast majority coming from England and where possible the East Midlands. We have ‘Friday Flowers’ available to buy weekly, or they can be ordered directly from Adam, grab one of his business cards.

 We are very much a “foodie venue” and strive to be different by keeping in touch with current food trends and trying out new ideas, so you can rest assured everything (except the bread) is made here on site with care, attention and love!